BGP Engineers
BGP Engineers, a specialized company with focus on climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development. Our key abilities are policy advise, consulting, engineering, project development, project implementation. Our staffs have been working in several countries and have been realizing projects in the climate change sector, in the energy sector, in renewable energy projects, in forestry, in recycling and waste management and industrial installations.

Our practical and innovative approach makes us especially competent for management of projects where various institutional, technical and financial elements are closely interrelated. For such projects, we provide the technical support, legal services and project management. Projects are developed in co-operation with our strategic partners.
We develop financing schemes for climate and environmental investment projects, clean technology and energy saving projects. We assist in institutional projects on both European legislation, such as the EU Directives and legislation of the The Netherlands and other EU Member States. We successfully completed projects on the main CO2 emission reduction mechanisms: Joint Implementation (JI), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), EU Emission Trading (ETS) and Voluntary Schemes.



Climate change
• Climate change policy and EU-ETS
• Emission reduction project development
• CDM and JI and voluntary markets
• Forestry and REDD+
• Carbon Fund management, ERPA development & Carbon Credit transactions
• Capacity building
• UNFCCC experts
• Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Measures (NAMAs)

Renewable energy
• Renewable energy policy
• Biomass
• Waste-to-energy
• Landfill gas technology
• Biofuel
• Wind farms
• Small hydropower

Sustainable development
• Sustainable technology assessment
• Green Investment Schemes
• Sustainable agriculture
• Energy efficiency and emissions monitoring


Our staffs and network

Our well-qualified staff has experience in various countries. Our team is especially competent on greenhouse gas mitigation, renewable energy, biofuels, forestry, recycling, waste management and industrial installations. The team includes policy consultants, environmental experts, energy specialist, climate change experts, civil & construction engineers, legal experts and project managers.

International scope
Climate and energy-related problems should be tackled internationally. Therefore we work with national authorities in various EU Member States and abroad. We advise to the European Commission, the EBRD, the EIB, the UNFCCC and other international organizations. We also focus on specific regions including Central & Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We hold offices in Ukraine, Indonesia and Turkey.

BGP believes that sustainable development is essential to preserve the earth, its natural resources and human society.

BGP Engineers was established in 1996 for the development of the first large-scale biomass plant in the Netherlands. Our scope of activities broadened since 2001 with projects taking place in various fields and various countries.